Sharon Doherty’s Story

Sharon Doherty needed to get her two hips replaced. Here’s her story,  we hope you find it as inspiring as we did!


20th July 2016

I am in my late 40’s and was on the waiting list with my local NHS hospital since November 2014 for 2 urgent hip replacements. I had to go off work at the end of June 2015 because of the excruciating pain and the lack of mobility I had.

Having waited  with no appointment forthcoming (and none still to date) I found out in November 2015 about the European Directive for crossborder Healthcare – where EU citizens can go to another EU country, if you have been on a waiting list for an inappropriate amount of time, and get your surgery done there.

I found Nordorthopaedics through the and Jurate contacted me very shortly afterwards.  I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with this clinic.  I sent my medical details off with an online form and was given a Skype consultation with the surgeon Professor Sarunas Tarasevicius (who has more than 10 years experience in the field of joint replacement surgery) who assured me and answered all my questions in a very professional and caring wa

Every query I had regarding the travel, payments, surgery etc was answered by the very helpful and friendly Jurate and so I booked my second hip replacement with Nordorthopeadics for 1st June 2016.

I was met at the airport and welcomed by the lovely and friendly Victoria who brought me to the Hof hotel where I stayed for the first night.

I  was brought to the hospital the following day for all pre-op tests and xrays, and the surgery was the day after.  Professor Sarunas Tarasevicius and all staff were all so friendly and helpful so reassuring, the hospital has all the up to date modern facilities of any in the West of Europe.

The hospital room was modern and immaculate, and the food – you could pick from a menu both lunch and dinner times which included fresh sea bass, salads, vegetables, fruits deserts tea and coffee – it was very delicious and nutritious after surgery and most welcome.

Professor Sarunas Tarasevicius came in every day and actually sat down for a chat with me – reassuring and informative.  I was up standing the next day and walking with one crutch the day after up and down the hospital corridor.

I then spent a week in the absolutely beautiful UPA rehabilitation facility – which was more like a five star hotel.

The journey took 2 hours but I had pain killers and it was definitely worth it.

The centre is in the South of Lithuania in a beautiful forest by a river and you are met with the doctor who makes out a personalised rehab plan for you.  Each floor is staffed by nurses who are on call 24/7 which to me was so reassuring at night time if you are in pain and can’t sleep.

The treatments were scheduled all day but with breaks in between: physiotherapy, heat treatment and cryotherapy (cold) treatment for the wound, electro-magnetic therapy to help balance the bodies ‘systems again.

You could also avail of their ‘salt room’ which was so relaxing for a half hour listening to beautiful sounds of nature.

The food again was amazing. Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the healthiest of fresh fruits, cereals, yoghurts, salads, roast/steamed veggies, salmon stir-fries, chicken casseroles, fresh fish with delicious sauces, not to mention the delicious fresh croissants for breakfast, fresh coffee and hand made cakes, cheesecakes and mousses every day – all served by the loveliest women who will help you down with your plate if you look like you can’t manage it all!

I cannot speak highly enough of the Lithuanian people, soft spoken, caring, helpful, friendly, with integrity and humour.

Within 5 weeks I had stopped using the crutch, was off all the pain medication, and starting to go my walks again.

7 weeks on and I’m swimming every day to build up my fitness to return to work.

Don’t hesitate or sit on a waiting list in agony thinking that these countries are of a lower standard of care than ours – it’s the opposite they are of a superior standard and less than half the price – one hip surgery alone in our local private hospital costs £10,000, one hip surgery plus the weeks rehabilitation with therapies in Nordorthopaedics cost me £5,737. It’s a no brainer.